Pencil 0 4

Pencil is a vector graphics program for Windows, which allows your digital stripove.Olovka based on traditional drawn animation techniques, and it’s free. The applications run center, which allows you to add four types of layers: bitmap image, vector image, soundand videakamer.Animatsyya basically works by installing Keiframes for each layer and placing the different layers on each druge. Možete begin drawing your characters in bitmap format using olovkualat, before adding a vector layer and sign it with a toolpenand filling. Karandashvelmi principle is simple, and the interface is much clearer than the flash memory or similar high-quality animation tools. What we like the pen that all the tools and options on the screen from the beginning, and nothing is hidden, and you can disconnector to remove the tray to be easier to handle sebe.Problemz, it is very difficult to produce high-quality images, if you do not grafičkutableta – most mice do not only contribute to the exact outline. Moreover, there are no pre-definedshapes, objects and templates are included, which can help počnete.Dakle,while the handle mozhetbyt a good way to learn the basic principles of animation cartoon, it’s hard to create something really impressive if you do a lot of patience.


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