PhoneRescue 3 2

PhoneRescue is a free application that expands opportunities firmware and iCloud restore, to allow the user to easily recover more than 25 different file types. This is a great addition to an existing backup, but can also restore some of the files nawalawalang backup. Maybe even know what’s missing!

Swim chmurpodstawowe including Backup Features PhoneRescue work with iCloud. Going svoyulasny Apple ID, you can restore the datafrom backup, which has been produced and sent to iCloud.Nie nalilitodahil Apple clone function, providing, though. The application provides greater flexibility in how to restore a backup to your phone, so you can select individual files, not the removal of all on your phone (great for today only some files are lost) .The application can also recover deleted files nekatoryyastupen,and it is great for access to repair firmware mode.

Easy ratowniczaOgólnie saying, PhoneRescue ideal for those who care about the loss of data. At least he stopniuto works well for those who have lost ofdata.
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Despite his confidence in iCloud means that it can only fix some of the damage caused by previously existing PhoneRescue phone incident is still a powerful tool that helps protect your data, torecover them.


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